Saturday, 16 June 2012

Primary Individual 2012 - Day 1.

Night walking!
I have a question for you all.  Who in their right state of mind would swap a nice quiet weekend with the wife and kids for three days of chess and activites with 31 kids.  Nah didn't think so...  Here we are at this years Primary individual taking place at Dolphin House in Ayrshire.  29 of the competitiors arrived this evening and we started with an impromptu game of dodgeball and a wander on the beach.

Weather is awful.  The rain is bouncing a good six inches off the floor but we don't care.  We are all in good spirits and looking forward to the activities tomorrow.

This evening we watched the England v Sweden match then went for a night walk around the swan pond.  With the "batfinder" we were able to find several species of bats and had a great time.

Back to the room and then hot chocolate and off to bed.  Wonder when the first one will get up...

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