Sunday, 10 July 2016

Scottish Championships 2016 - Day 2 - Ok, what's going on???

Day 2 has been completed. I am sitting at home and it is not even 7pm? This is the second day that we have finished early! This never happens, with the increment, we often are sitting there waiting for games to finish way past 7:30, neve rmind having the draw done, posted and safely home! (please note this is not a complaint, we are just puzzled). I wonder if today could have had something to do with people wanting to watch..

After the experience of Helensburgh 3 years ago, we thought it might be prudent to put the match on one of the TVs.  Good idea in practice but I could not find an HDMI cable anywhere to connect my tablet to the TV.  Sadly players had to crowd round my tablet to watch Andy roar to victory :D  Well done Andy!!!

Of course the downside is it is in the playing hall and we had to be silent.

Today has been a massive improvement on yesterday.  Lets face it, it could not have been any worse :p  I checked the house last night and found 4 cat 5 cables which meant we could have 12 boards today!   Popping into work tomorrow to grab some more so I can wire up the remaining boards giving us a total of 16.

On the playing front, we have three leaders on 2/2.  Matthew Turner, Andy Muir, Andrew Newton and our perpetual champion, Roddie McKay

Of interest in the chasing pack is young Lukah Connolly-Sams.  Lukah is graded a mere 1498.  I say mere as he has scored 1.5/2 against a 1800 and a 2101!  Tomorrow sees Lukah facing a titled opponent in IM Mark Orr.  I'll be watching that one with interest.

In the 7 day tournament we have the two leaders playing against each other.  James Watson and George Murphy

In George Square (see, George is such a Gentleman, they named a Square in Glasgow after him), we have the Homeless World Cup.  All day we have been treated to various national anthems and some really good support.  Sounds like a fantastic event (and it is free to get in).  It goes on for another week and I would recommend popping along if you get the chance.

Overall not a bad day at all.  No real disasters and everything running smoothly.  It won't last :D

Time for a bit of relaxation, some football on the TV and up early to go and get the remaining cables for tomorrow

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