Saturday, 22 July 2017

Scottish Chess Championship Day 7 - We have a winner!

Captains log, day 7.  The U1850 / Seniors is over, we no longer have to get up early in the morning for the tournament.  Ah wait I hear you say, what about the Rapidplay???  Curses foiled again!!!

I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to have a morning session and afternoon session, but I honestly wish they become infamous and have a disease named after them.

I was the first to crack (yesterday).  Today it was Alex's turn.  That is a rare occurrence.  You know we are overdoing it when Alex is suffering.

So the U1850 is now officially over and we have some new champions to crown.

Without much further ado allow me to introduce...

Winners of the U1850 with 5/6 were Geoffery Brown and Robert Clegg from England.

The Scottish Seniors Champions were Jim Anderson, Adam Walkowaik and William Clinton

Scottish Schools Champion was Jonathan McKay

After todays result, we are once again on Murad watch.  After a really nice win against FM Charlie Storey, he is once again a win away from becoming an FM.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be reporting good news.

Strangely it has been a quiet day.  We caught up on the PGNs.  Dave left us to head down to the Glorney and the Chief Arbiter of the ECF is joining us to add a bit of decorum to proceedings.  Lara will be joining us later on tonight.  It is always good fun when Lara joins us.

With the results in the Open being as difficult to predict as the football pools at the moment, we have no idea who is going to emerge as Scottish Champion.  I have a feeling we are going to see a new name this year as we have Calum MacQueen, Lennart Koehn and Murad in the leading Scottish group along with Jonathan Grant (who has won this before).  It is entirely possible that three of them can win today which puts them in a pretty good position.  If they slip up in the next 2 rounds, Roddie and Neil Berry are waiting to pounce.  Really it is anyones game at the moment.

In the APA Keti is continuing her fine form with a win over win over Pia, but Andrew, Spyridon and Martin are sitting just behind.

It is going to be a very interesting 2 days of chess!

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