Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scottish Chess Championship Day 8 - One Day More

Another day, another destiny.  This never ending road to Calvary....

There is just one more day to go.  I am counting down the hours until I leave.  I am no longer tired, I am numb!  It was Alan's turn today to go to the wall.  We are now 3/3!!

The Rapidplay has gone really well.  Along with the Blitz last weekend, we have realised both financially and in terms of coping ourselves, it is better to have this than a weekend congress.  The OMG how late are we finishing Friday night is now no more and we get to our beds at a reasonable hour.

Well Murad did it.  He won today and now is FM Murad Abdulla.  We are over the moon for him.

Scotland's Newest Titled Player
I was speaking to him after his game. His ambition is to play board 1 for Scotland at the Olympiad.  I am not taking bets on him not doing that.

In the Open, Murad is leading the Scottish players by half a point.  In the chasing group we have Calum MacQueen and Neil Berry.  Should they all lose tomorrow, pick a name out of the hat as there are a further 8 players a full point behind.

Should Murad lose and Calum draw.  I am not going to guess who would be champion as their tie break is too close to call.

In the All Play All.  Andrew and Martin  are leading by half a point over Keti and  Spyridon.  Going to be interesting to see who wins that one.

In the main open event, after a flurry of draws on the top boards, GM Andrei Maksimenko and FM Tim Wall are leading on 6.5 with Murad, GM Oleg Korneev, GM Mark Hebden and GM Daniel Gormally a half point behind.

One more day, just one more day to go :D

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