Saturday, 18 July 2015

Scottish Championship 2015 - Day 8 - GO NEIL GO!!!!

End of day 8 and there is an sense of excitement in the air.  Finally it has happened, we have a Scottish Player on the cusp of an IM norm.

Neil just requires a draw tomorrow and he secures an IM norm.  This will be his third and final norm (we are checking to find out what his peak rating is so we know if he is successful if he will gain the IM title).

This is everything we have been trying to do and if Neil is successful, Alex and I are going to be over the moon :D

The Scottish is basically down to 5 people with Neil and Keti facing each other, Roddy floating up to play the Top seed and Jacob and Craig facing Jan and Ivan.  It is theoretically possible for someone from the score group below to win but it is going to take a strange set of results.

It really looks like it will be tie break to decide.  Neither Alex nor I will be looking at it until tomorrow.

The Championship is wide open, With the top 2 boards drawing, suddenly it is theirs to lose.  A draw on the top board with a win for Roddy and we will have joint winners.

Pia, thank you, thank you thank you!  I asked if you could do something with Alex on it and you did not disappoint.  The annual winding up of Alex can continue :D


Short blog tonight as I have loads to do.  Tomorrows will be a bumper one with all the winners (and hopefully a norm!)

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