Monday, 13 July 2015

Scottish Championships 2015 - Day 2 - Now That's What I am Talking About!

There is nothing in life like a large slice of irony.  Last few days there has been a discussion on the noticeboard about why Championship budget is spent on getting titled players to play.  The usual arguments and counterarguments are deployed and no one comes to an agreement.

Day 2 and we saw exactly why we pay titled players to come and play, its for our norm seekers to steal their grading points.

Board 1 had the top seed GM Oleg Korneev, a mere 2567 and at one stage number 37 in the world.  His opponent, FM Neil Berry, a very likeable chap from Edinburgh.  Move 12 and this is the position on the board.  Neil is white and to move.

Neil played Nxg6!  There was a stunned silence for a moment on the Noticeboard while everyone watching took it in.  Then the realisation was, there is an upset on.

Better was to follow not long after, after capturing the Rook on H8, it looked like Neil's Queen was trapped.  Neil had other ideas

Again it is Neil to move (it's move 18)

Hands up all those who would play Qxg7.  Yep practically everyone.  Not Neil, Bf3!! Stunning chess!

Neil won the game in the end, it was a brilliant game to watch (which was annoying as I could only follow fleetingly as there was a problem on the Roddy v Jonathan game that was taking up most of my attention) but this is what it is all about.  This is the New Scottish Championships where our players pushing for IM titles (and hopefully soon, GM) get their chance to show how they can play.  Neil, I tip my hat to you Sir!

Bring on the next GM!
Day 2 went fairly smoothly, we that was until we came to do the draw.  We are using manual pairings and checking them with the computer.  Despite removing Walter Burnett several times from the computer draw, it kept insisting that Walter would be there tomorrow.  *sigh* And you wonder why I hate using computers for any aspect of the draw!

Finally today, I am going to be serious for a moment.  I know a lot of people read this blog (something that really surprises me).  One of our own has gone missing and I want to reach out to everyone reading this.  Tom Brown of Lanark has gone missing in the Ben Nevis area, he was out hill walking and has not returned.  His backpack was found near the Steall Falls.  If anyone has information on where he was going or has seen him since 2 July, please can I ask you to call the police on 101.  Lochaber Mountain Rescue have been out looking for him for the last 5 days

Tom is one of the genuinely nice guys, I have had many conversations with him over the years (many over his hatred of digital clocks).  We are all hoping and praying he is found safe and well.

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