Friday, 17 July 2015

Scottish Championships 2015 - Day 6 T'be sure T'be sure...

Day 6 is upon us.  We are in area of the tournament where things get interesting.  Who is going to win it and be Scottish Champion?  Ask me one on the composition of Charon.

As it stands now at the end of Day 6, we have 6 players on 5 points and 6 on 4.5.  We don't seem to have anyone who actually wants to win!.

Game of the day had to be the titanic battle between GM Colin McNab and perpetual Scottish Champion, IM Roddy McKay

 It was a very good game and there were many comments on the sites that are broadcasting the games about the chess.  2 fine Gentlemen indeed!

My other game of the day was nearly a tale of woe (cue Hovis theme music).

Carl Milton was playing Duncan Walker when the following position was reached

White (Carl) has clearly checkmated black.  Ah but says Duncan, I don't believe you, lets see you do that again..  The game continued with 39..Kg6 40.Nxh6 Kxh6.  Eventually on move 46 black sees the error of his ways and resigns in the following position

First Person to get 2 Checkmates in the same game at the Scottish!

Of course, Alex and I were wondering,  Do we give Carl 1 point or 2???

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  1. Checkmate immediately ends the game, 1 point. Even this idiot knows that ;)
    Nice to hear the Scottish is going well, hope it stays trouble free.
    Matt C